Save 32.75 G per bed every day

According to USA Energy Information Administration On average, a medium size hospital (300 beds) uses 143,999 Gallons for each bed during the year. Since 35 percent used at the restroom, and near 11% used for hand hygiene that means 15,839 Gallons of fresh water is flushed straight down the drain every year for each bed.

With Soapy's technology installed, hospitals could increase handwash compliance and save a minimum of 80 percent and a maximum of 95 percent of water consumed. For an average hospital that have 300 beds that mean a potential saving of between 3,611,337 – 4,514,330 Gallons every year.

Save 1/4 G of soap per bed every day

Furthermore, according to CDC each hospital health care worker should wash hands up to 100 times a day in a 12 hours shift. That means that in an average, medium hospital with 300 beds Soapy's technology, will save between 0.26 G - 0.32G of soap per bed every day, which means up to 34,712 G soap a year.

Return $11 a day per bed

In addition to being a more sustainable business, even though utility costs vary greatly around the globe, but if we look at a business case made by the EPA, in Texas, United States, we can estimate a saving of $35,651 per year.

Furthermore, the average cost of a gallon of soap is $35 which means Soapy's technology will save an additional $11 per bed each day. That means a payback time of 10 month


Public awareness of the global water crisis is growing. For hotels this means that environmental sustainability is a leading factor in purchasing decisions and customer demand. A TripAdvisor survey found that 79 percent of travelers look for eco-friendly accommodations.

 Sustainability Matters To Consumers And Employees
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