Save 986 G of water a day

On average, medium commercial buildings with 10 medium size restaurants (serving 5,000-10,000 meals a week), use 3,749,999 Gallons of water per year. Since 31 percent is through taps, and near 12% used for hand hygiene that means 449,999 Gallons of fresh water is flushed straight down the drain every year.

With Soapy's technology installed, businesses save a minimum of 80 percent and a maximum of 95 percent. For an average business that means a potential saving of between 359,999 – 427,499 Gallons every year.

Save 1.7 G of soap a day

Furthermore, in an average, medium commercial buildings with 10 medium size restaurants Soapy's technology, that save between 40% - 60% of soap reagent will save between 1.7G - 2.6G of soap every day. Which means up to 935.2G a year

Return $98 a day

In addition to water savings, businesses will see a decrease in energy costs because of the significant amount of energy used to heat water. Of course, utility costs vary greatly around the globe, but if we look at a business case made by the EPA for a hotel in Texas, United States, we can estimate a saving of 3,554 – 4,221 $ per year. Furthermore, the average cost of soap is $35 a gallon. Which means a potential savings of $98 a day; payback time of less than 12 month

Public awareness of the global water crisis is growing. For hotels this means that environmental sustainability is a leading factor in purchasing decisions and customer demand. A TripAdvisor survey found that 79 percent of travelers look for eco-friendly accommodations.

Sustainability Matters To Consumers And Employees
  • Hotels Four Wins

  • Meeting Customers Demand

  • Saving Utility Costs

  • Avoiding Regulatory Fines

  • Doing Good – Be The Hero

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